Angsty Prisoner Aesthetic

So, a couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to spice up my look so I went to the hair salon and cut off 6 inches of my hair for only 28 euros! To any of you out there who have payed way too much for a haircut, seriously come to France and get […]

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Backpack Bustlin’ and Hustlin’

Bonjour/Buongiorno! A couple of weeks ago I went to the beautiful Florence, Italy where I experienced pasta, pizza, gelato, a lil’ David, a lil’ Michelangelo AND an Outdoor Leather Market. This market was honestly just a wonderland of leather purses, wallets and jackets OH MY! Truthfully had me feeling some type of way. Well, during […]

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Ask me about my Ascot

Bonjour! I’m back and ready to share some knowledge on the affordable find of the week! This piece of fabric was cut from a 99-cent scarf that my darling friend Gabrielle bought at Target. Shoutout to you Gabs for being a savvy shopper! The scarf was fraying at the ends and needed a little TLC, so I decided […]

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Pinstripe Printed Pants

Due to popular demand, I am BACK with more affordable finds! Pictured above are 10 euro pinstripe pants that are not only comfortable but stylish af. I came across these pants at the local H&M in Angers, France and couldn’t help but buy them. I mean, would I really be doing the most if I […]

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