Boyfriend Jeans–No Boyfriend Required


Hello friends! I have returned to the U.S. and it’s safe to say I definitely miss France. I miss the smells, the language, the fashion, the architecture, the boys…so yeah pretty much all of it.

However, I am definitely glad to be back using U.S. currency, where I know exactly how much I’m spending…it was just way too easy to pretend 30 euros was the same as 30 dollars. P.S.–my bank account definitely disagreed with that logic.

Now, let’s talk affordable fashion.

As you can see above, I’m sporting a pair of boyfriend jeans that I bought while visiting a friend in New York. What!? New York can be affordable!? Yes honey! You just have to search for the deals.

I bought these jeans at Top Shop for only 16 dollars, YES PEOPLE 16 DOLLARS! It was one of the highlights of my trip and it just goes to show, if you’re willing to dive head first into the sales section, anything is possible.

Disclaimer–I did modify the jeans a bit and added extra rips to make them look a little more distressed #DIYbaby

I sported this look on an outing I took to Ponce City Market in Atlanta…where it is safe to say, is not very affordable. HOWEVER, that’s not to say you can’t find something in your price range. I did buy a killer Atlanta sticker for two dollars that I proudly placed on my laptop #ATLien

I really like this look for the summer time because although I am fully clothed waist down, the body suit helps me stay cool and the holes through my jeans ventilate very nicely. The sweat that I did have only looked like a beautiful dewy highlight and not like I just ran a marathon #blessup

All in all I would rate these jeans a 10/10 on comfort and affordability. #throwyohandsup for affordable fashion!

Angsty Prisoner Aesthetic


So, a couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to spice up my look so I went to the hair salon and cut off 6 inches of my hair for only 28 euros! To any of you out there who have payed way too much for a haircut, seriously come to France and get your haircut. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO TIP!

**Disclaimer: The plane ticket here maybe a little expensive but hey you’ll get a gr8 haircut for less!

But anyway, the point of this blog post: After this sassy summer cut I naturally decided it was imperative that I found a bomb sundress to match. I mean what’s an affordable haircut without an affordable sundress? #logic

This sundress pictured above is from Mango, a European based franchise, and I bought it for only 35 euros! It has double ties in the back so it singes in my waist very nicely and it goes great with some sandal heels. (tbh it accessorizes great with a glass of rosé as well so feel free to try that too)

I hope you enjoy this “I just went to prison but my jumpsuit wasn’t chic enough so I illegally smuggled in scissors to make this dress” look and find your inner prisoner and #treatyoself with a sassy summer sundress!

A bientôt ❤

Recipe For Success= Pineapples + Overalls


Hi friends! I’m BACK with another blog post!! I know what you’re thinking…two blog posts in one week? Where does she find the time? Well, I can say that the reason I found time is because I’m trying to distract myself from walking to the boulangerie by my house and buying myself a chocolate croissant…so here I am just bloggin’ my heart out! #fitlyfe

So…my blog post…every Saturday there is an outdoor farmer’s market that sets up in the middle of downtown Angers (city in France where I live) and at this glorious farmer’s market, I bought a 1 euro pineapple (pictured above) and it was the sweetest pineapple I have ever tasted. **seriously not an exaggeration it was so freaking fresh.

So as anyone would expect me to do, I wore overalls to this farmer’s market because I was really trying to play up the cool girl farmer’s aesthetic…and this is just my opinion…but I think it kinda worked! I got these overalls around four years ago at American Eagle believe it or not for I think around 50 dollars. Yes, they may be a little on the pricier side BUT they are SO worth their price because I’ve worn them probably 100+ times since their original purchase date. So– if you’re on the fence about buying expensive overalls: my advice to you is that if their made from good material and you love them and know you’ll wear them…spend your extra pineapple money. You won’t regret it.

But wait there’s more! The t-shirt I am sportin’ under my overalls I bought in France at the local Zara for only 15 euros and I LOVE IT. It goes with everything and I honestly wear it all the time with jeans, dresses, skirts, YOU NAME IT. Also it’s so comfy, 10/10 would recommend.

So my friends, here’s to French farmer’s markets, overalls, Zara tees and also, sweet sweet pineapples.

Backpack Bustlin’ and Hustlin’


Bonjour/Buongiorno! A couple of weeks ago I went to the beautiful Florence, Italy where I experienced pasta, pizza, gelato, a lil’ David, a lil’ Michelangelo AND an Outdoor Leather Market. This market was honestly just a wonderland of leather purses, wallets and jackets OH MY! Truthfully had me feeling some type of way.

Well, during my time in the market… I bought this genuine Italian leather backpack for only 40 euros! And yes, that may seem more expensive than the items in my previous posts but rest assured its a STEAL for real leather. **disclaimer: I did have to hustle a little bit as the vendor originally asked for 70 euros and we all know that mama is ballin’ on a budget over here in Europe.

**If you’re interested in helpful hustlin’ tip, my bestie Kayla (shoutout) has a great one to keep in mind you’re on the hunt for affordable goods:  Never be afraid to walk away if they don’t give you the price you want because 9 times out of 10 they’ll change their mind and give you the deal if they know you #REAL about affordability.

So, the next time you’re in Italy at the Italian leather market…or maybe at just at your backyard garage sale, make sure you take Kayla’s tip with you get the best hustle for you bustle!

Ask me about my Ascot


Bonjour! I’m back and ready to share some knowledge on the affordable find of the week! This piece of fabric was cut from a 99-cent scarf that my darling friend Gabrielle bought at Target. Shoutout to you Gabs for being a savvy shopper!

The scarf was fraying at the ends and needed a little TLC, so I decided to capitalize on that opportunity and create this SASSY ascot. It took about 30 seconds of meticulous cutting and BOOM a whole new accessory. Not to mention this look is recycled…so raise the roof to the environment am I right!?

As I have expressed before, I am a big fan of doing a little DIY on your clothes. I have definitely cut a plentiful of my own clothing to tailor it to my personal style—-PROTIP: This is a great way to get exactly what you want and also save the big bucks.

**PS. I wore this outfit with high-waisted, bell-bottom jeans and black boots. It was a huge hit with the French as I got a lot of double takes while wearing it…(it also could’ve also been the weird American accent but I prefer to think it was this bangin’ look).




Pinstripe Printed Pants


Due to popular demand, I am BACK with more affordable finds! Pictured above are 10 euro pinstripe pants that are not only comfortable but stylish af. I came across these pants at the local H&M in Angers, France and couldn’t help but buy them. I mean, would I really be doing the most if I didn’t own a pair of striped pants that I could parade through the streets of Paris? The answer is no…and as all my dedicated followers know, I always do the most as I’m nothing shy of extra.

These pants are also a complete steal because they are so versatile. Pair them with a blouse for a sassy day at work or dress it down like I did with this tank top. Both options work great and you will slay your day if you do so.

Now, go get yourself a pair of pinstriped printed pants if you know whats good for you. Then, if you really want to wow your friends, say “pinstriped printed pants” three times fast…works every time.

Français de la mode


Bonjour! Today on the blog I am featuring a schmorgasboürg of affordable items! First off, the shoes I am wearing were my very first purchase I made in France and came to a total of 15 euro at Etam (a french store that is similar to forever 21.) These faux suede beauties have become crucial to my outfits in these past 3 weeks and would highly recommend finding yourself a pair because they go with everything. Next, the black jeans I am wearing are from the GAP and I bought them for around 25 dollars; however, I modified them by  cutting holes in the knee to create that sassy skin peep you see (pro tip: DIY is almost always cheaper than buying pre-ripped jeans.) Lastly, the faux turtleneck yo girl is sporting was around 3-5 dollars from H&M. So really if this outfit isn’t the epitome of getting the bang for your buck, I don’t know what is and I shouldn’t be writing this blog.

France is a wonderland of affordable finds. So as you can imagine, I’ve been capitalizing on said wonderland…so be on the look out for more affordable posts to come! Keep up the savvy shopping my friends!

**Ps. The suede and leather clutch I am holding above has also been featured on the blog and you can check that out here